Episode 3 with Dr. Darrel Ray

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Noor Almaleki

Jeric begins the podcast by bumming everyone out with news of an honor killing in Phoenix, Arizona. Noor Almaleki, a beautiful young woman with most of her life ahead of her, was killed in 2009 when her father ran her over with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. The father was recently convicted of 2nd degree murder.

On our show today we have special guest Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus: How religion infects our lives and our culture. It’s truly one of the best books on the psychological tools religion uses and its impact on the individual and on society. Ray has been a psychologist for over 30 years, practicing counseling and clinical psychology for 10 years then moved into organizational psychology and consulting. He has been a student of religion most of his life and holds a MA degree in religion as well as a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and a Doctorate in psychology.

In early 2009, he founded the rapidly growing movement Recovering from Religion. You can learn more about this movement at www.recoveringreligionists.com.

You can watch the talk he gave at Colorado State University on YouTube.


3 thoughts on “Episode 3 with Dr. Darrel Ray

  1. Ich hore und schaue Herrn Darel Ray sehr oft, seinen Video, leider, dass ich mit ihm nicht sprechen kann, und ich mochte sehr gerne! Er ist ein ganz andere Man als Dawkins! Weil
    Dawkins ist ein Schwindler, und Ray spricht ddie Wahrheit, weil er ein Proffi ist!

    Atheist 100%!!!

  2. Book “God Virus” ist ein seltene, sehr gutes Werk, ich weiss es nicht, ob auf Deutsch ubersetzt ist, weil ich das Buch sehr gerne lesen mochte! Ich mag den Herrn Darrel Ray sehr, weil er weiss es, wovon er spricht, er ist eine sehr seltene Person in USA! Und das muss man schatzen!

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