*BONUS* Diversity in Skepticism

*BONUS* Diversity in Skepticism

Hey Kids,

Today’s bonus content is a meditation on a very important issue in the skeptical movement (whether you are aware of it or not), and that is diversity. I won’t bother going into the issue here in this post; instead I will let the guests of our podcast do the talking.

The show begins with a clip from our Diversity in Skepticism panel from our recent Skepticamp conference, which began a large discussion within out own local community. YouTube video of the panel: Part 1 and Part 2.

Diversity in Skepticism Panel

left to right: Logan Baxter, Joel Guttormson, Amy Maass, and Jamie Folsom

Diversity in Skepticism panel

Joel's face compelled me to upload this picture

Our fearless moderator

We speak to Joel Guttormson, the atheist firebrand of Colorado (in my opinion).

Joel Guttormson

We also speak to my wife, Cassandra (or “Kasi”) Yoder for her take on the panel and the issue of diversity in skepticism as a whole.

Kasi in Rocky Mountain National Park

Kasi and Seth

Lastly, we speak to Jamie Folsom (who sounds suspiciously like Joan Cusack)¬† for her reflective thoughts on the panel and the phrase “people of color.”

Jamie Folsom

That’s it folks!

Here’s our iTunes link for all you Apple fanboys and fangirls http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/leaders-in-free-thought/id426025086


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