Animal Ethics

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This episode features Dr. Alastair Norcross from the University of Colorado. Kai Haswell and I caught up with him at the Pickle Barrel in Fort Collins to talk about his life and his work over a pint. This was immediately after the first day of a two-day animal ethics conference held at Colorado State University sponsored by the philosophy department.

photo courtesy of Susan Gerbic


photo by Amy Maass

Kai and I basking in the hatred of the loathsome WBC

For  those who do not know Kai he is a philosophy grad student at CSU, and as such, much more qualified than me to be asking questions on the topic of ethics.

Then less than an hour later I head over to Wild Boar for our weekly skeptic circlejerk where Jeff speaks to Joel MacClellan from the University of Tennessee. They talk for quite a while on the topic of sentience. What organisms are sentient? How can we know? Do sentient beings deserve our moral consideration? What about non-sentient beings?

Joel MacClellan, an alumnus of the University of Akron (BA, Philosophy, 2002) and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, is a PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee.  His philosophical research includes Environmental Ethics and Animal Ethics, Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Science/Biology, and History of Modern Philosophy.


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