*Bonus Episode* Drunken Roundtable

Listen to this Bonus Episode

This episode is almost a sequel to the last episeode we did. If you will recall last episode I interviewed my cousin’s fiancee about his recent conversion to Christianity. This recording takes place about an hour after the official interview was concluded. It features my uncle Flip, my mother Jamye, my grandmother we call Nanny, my cousin Christi, her fiancee Jeremy, and of course yours truly. There was enough funny/interesting/poignant moments in there I wanted to make it available to listen to, but not structured enough to make it into a bona fide episode. Hence the *Bonus Episode*

I feel slightly strange talking to the mics alone in my room. I’m not sure why, but I do. So I brought in my sister Emily to bounce some ideas off while doing the intros and outros.

The segue music near the end is something I got off of archive.org called Mirach by Jon Wheeler.


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