Howdy-do podcast listeners!

My name is Seth and I started the LiFT podcast in January of 2011. A few years ago a buddy of mine named Jeric and I started a secular/freethinking student organization at Colorado State University and we called it Leaders in Free Thought (or LiFT for short). The group was fortunate enough to get a few world-class speakers out to the campus and give fascinating lectures. I recorded most of them with a crappy camera I got from Wal-Mart. You can check out my YouTube channel to see the lectures. I eventually shelled out the cash for a nicer camera so you might notice a jump in quality.

The desire to start a podcast was probably born from an emotional mix of philanthropy and narcissism. Philanthropy because I wanted to add critical thinking, science, philosophy, personal experience, and skepticism to the world of ideas in whatever way possible and at whatever cost to me. Narcissism because I am a product of my culture, and I believe that my ideas are important and need to be heard.

I was fortunate enough to have a part-time job that was very…”iPod friendly” you might say. It was a lab job that involved a lot of monotony and tedium, but allowed me the luxury of listening to my mp3 player almost all the time. Eventually the idea began to grow in my head that I could probably create a podcast if I really wanted to. Once I finally made the decision to go through with it I spent a bunch of money on quality recording equipment and a hosting service for distribution. I was lucky enough to begin my recordings with some excellent guests like Dan Barker, Luke Muehlhauser, and Darrel Ray who I siphoned-off from LiFT events.

My original idea was to essentially just play the interviews raw with a quick intro, something like “Hey everybody, this is Seth and this week we have_________. I hope you enjoy it!” But Jeric urged a two-person format where we talk about relevant news, events, or whatever is on our minds. I can’t thank him enough for that insistence, because I really think that helped to make it much more listenable than it would have been. Jeric ended up co-hosting the first three episodes with me, but had to leave because his schedule was too full. Soon after Jerc left I asked my friend Jeff Davis to fill in. I met Jeff at a weekly Skeptics in the Pub that I attend. I knew Jeff would be perfect for the podcast because he was always the most loud, obnoxious, interesting, and funny person there. He turned out to be even better than I expected. He was always game for interviews and asked really interesting and thought-provoking questions. Not to mention that he had a ton of great ideas for the podcast – the Steve Wells and Shambhala episodes were both his.

The bitch of it is that I have since moved from the beautiful Fort Collins to the beautiful Seattle, so now I am in need of new content and a new co-host. Hopefully Jeff will still be able to make online appearances via Skype, but we’re both pretty green when it comes to recording ourselves online.

If anyone is curious, the intro/outro music is a song called Drivin’ by a band from Texas I used to be in called Dischord. I’m pretty sure they are now defunct, which is a crying shame because it was a very good band with potential greatness shooting out their rectums. I bet they could be persuaded to pick back up those guitars and Monster cables if my listeners would give them some encouragement =) Additionally, most of the transition music you hear in the podcast comes from either Dischord or their sister band Nasty ‘Stache who are quite a bit more active when it comes to practicing, recording, and gigging.

The logos for both the LiFT student organization and the LiFT podcast are courtesy of Shannon Deaver, who I don’t think I have ever met, but she is a friend of a friend. I am certainly very grateful for all of her work. Her website is TheDaringMuse.com where you can view her graphic design work and hire her for your next project.

Feel free to leave comments, podcast suggestions, or questions and I will certainly look into them.



FYI: I don’t have the ‘hawk anymore



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